503B Outsourcing Services

As your trusted, go-to resource for compounded sterile preparations, you can depend on QuVa to track trends and anticipate your facility needs for a ready, consistent supply of the medications. QuVa offers specialty admixtures in IV bags (LVP’s and piggy-backs), syringes, cassette (for pumps), and in specialized PCA vials. We provide vital compounded medications for obstetrics, OR, anesthesia, general medicine, cardiovascular, ER, and pain management.


AmiodaroneAtropine BupivacaineCalcium Chloride Calcium GluconateCefazolinCisatracuriumDexamethasone Sodium PhosphateDiltiazemDiphenhydramine EphedrineEpinephrine HClEsmololFamotidine FentanylFentanyl/BupivacaineFentanyl/RopivacaineGlycopyrrolateHeparin HydromorphoneKetamineLabetalol Lidocaine LorazepamMagnesium Sulfate MeperidineMethadoneMethohexitalMidazolam MorphineNeostigmineNicardipine NorepinephrineOndansetron Oxytocin PhenylephrinePotassium ChloridePromethazine Rocuronium RopivacaineSodium Bicarbonate Sodium CitrateSuccinylcholineSufentanilVancomycin Vecuronium      



Acetic AcidCholestyramineFerric SubsulfateG.I. Cocktail #2G.I. Cocktail #3L.E.T.Magic MouthwashOncowash Vancomycin HCL  

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New formulations are continually being added and evaluated. To inquire about a specific formulation contact:

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