QuVa Pharma Announces Its Ability to Supply Hydromorphone and Morphine Pre-Filled Syringes

-Compounded Hydromorphone and Morphine syringes are expected to help alleviate drug shortages impacting the nation’s hospitals- There is a nation-wide shortage of pre-filled syringe presentations of hydromorphone and morphine. This shortage is expected to persist for a number of months. QuVa Pharma, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has available supplies of: Hydromorphone 1mg/ml […]

QuVa Pharma Announces FDA 503B Registration of its New Jersey Facility

Initial Phase of 160,000SF building redevelopment complete and facility to commence shipping product in September 2017 Sugar Land, TX – September 26th, 2017 – QuVa Pharma, Inc. a national supplier of sterile compounding services driving new quality standards in the industry, today announced it has received FDA registration as a 503B facility for its Bloomsbury, […]

Meet Stuart Hinchen of QuVa Pharma in Sugar Land

Meet Stuart Hinchen of QuVa Pharma in Sugar Land  

QuVa Pharma Operational Following Hurricane Harvey

Pleasingly I can report that as Friday is underway our QuVa operations are returning to normal.  The infrastructure across Houston is still very strained by flood waters, but the city itself is showing resilience as people are trying to get back to work.  Highways are impassable and secondary roads are jammed – some of our […]

QuVa Pharma Announces Licensure under California’s SBOP New 503B Outsource License Category

QuVa has commenced shipments to California hospitals including current drug shortage products Sugar Land, TX –July 5, 2017 – Following comprehensive cGMP audit of QuVa Pharma’s Sugar Land and Temple, Texas facilities, the California Board of Pharmacy has issued Outsource Facility licenses to both QuVa locations. The California Board of Pharmacy introduced this category of […]

QuVa Pharma Announces Availability of Sodium Bicarbonate Syringe

—Compounded Sodium Bicarbonate PF 8.4% 50mEq per syringe is expected to help alleviate chronic drug shortage impacting the nation’s hospitals— It has been widely reported in the national press, including US Today, Modern Healthcare, and the New York Times, that there is a nation-wide shortage of pharmaceutical quality sodium bicarbonate available to hospitals. A shortage […]

QuVa Pharma’s Sugar Land, TX Facility Receives Inspection Closeout from FDA

Establishment Inspection Report is only one issued by the FDA to a registered 503B sterile outsourcing compounder with national coverage Sugar Land, TX – May 10th, 2017 – QuVa Pharma, Inc., a national platform for sterile compounding pharmacy services, announced today that it has received a letter from the FDA concluding its review of the operations […]

Shop Talk: Bain Capital’s Chris Gordon and QuVa Pharma’s Stuart Hinchen on Rebuilding the Drug Compounding Market

WSJ Pro Private Equity Analyst | February 27, 2017 By Laura Cooper For an experienced late-stage investor to build a company from the ground up, the value proposition and sector tailwinds have to be overwhelmingly attractive. This potential attracted Bain Capital’s private-equity arm in 2015 to back the formation of QuVa Pharma Inc., a sterile […]

QuVa Pharma Acquires Biotech Pharmaceutical Facility in New Jersey

New 160,000-square-foot facility will significantly expand company’s reach into key market Sugar Land, TX –July 21, 2016 – QuVa Pharma, Inc., a recently formed national platform for sterile compounding pharmacy services, today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire an FDA approved biotech pharmaceutical facility in New Jersey.  QuVa Pharma currently operates two Texas-based […]

When Outsourcing IV Drug Preparation Makes Sense

Pharmacy Practice News | July 6, 2016 By Bruce Buckley Read the original Pharmacy Practice News article. Outsourcing the preparation of IV solutions can provide important economic and patient care benefits for smaller hospitals with limited pharmacy staffs and compounding facilities that don’t meet U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) Chapter or standards. But even larger hospitals and […]