Have doubts about outsourcing compounded preparations?

Whether you do all compounding in-house or have been comfortably outsourcing a few select preparations, chances are you continue to feel the growing pressures associated with increasing regulations, waste reduction initiatives, risk mitigation, quality control and more. From which preparations to outsource to how much and how frequently, it is QuVa’s fundamental purpose to provide you the additional qualified resources you need to move the pharmacy department into value adding activities associated with clinical outcomes.

Exploring effects on hospital operations and improved patient care.

How can compound outsourcing help in patient care?

The role of the pharmacist in the hospital setting has certainly been elevated to being integrally involved in clinical outcomes. The recognition of the value of the pharmacist as an informed advisor on patient treatment regimens has increased demand for them to be more active at a patient level. Outsourced compounding activities to QuVa assist the pharmacist by freeing up time that may otherwise be spent producing in the hospital pharmacy products that can readily be anticipated and purchased externally.

What advantages do hospitals realize by relying on external facilities for certain medications?

There are three key benefits – improved quality control, better patient care, and operational efficiencies. Healthcare providers take advantage of QuVa’s ready-to-use medicines, produced and fully tested in a controlled environment, to reduce the risk of inadvertent errors that may occur preparing the medications at the bed side. Outsource compounding is also a vital means by which healthcare providers are reducing costs by eliminating waste, and gaining valuable efficiencies that allow pharmacists to be more actively involved in individual patient care than in medicine preparation. Increasing regulation of pharmacy practice also imposes a capital cost on healthcare providers that can be alleviated by using outsourced compounders who have the resources to invest in specialty facilities and operations.

How does QuVa ensure a timely supply of products?

The necessity to test products fully before release certainly complicates having products ready on a timely basis as that testing process can take on average 14 – 18 days. However, QuVa overcomes this by coordinating anticipated needs with healthcare providers so products can be produced and tested in anticipation of receiving an order. Where the ordering and production requirements are communicated in partnership with our customers, QuVa can supply products within 48 hours including a certificate of analysis in support of the testing of the product.

What types of drugs are most likely to be outsourced?

There are a variety of medicines that can be outsourced to QuVa for supply to the hospital market. The common categories are Labor and Delivery, Anesthesiology and Pain Management. Some of the most requested medications are Morphine and Fentanyl, Oxytocin, Epinephrine, Ephedrine, and Neostigmine. To view a full list of preparations, visit QuVa’s 503B Outsourcing.