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QuVa Pharma Operational Following Hurricane Harvey

Pleasingly I can report that as Friday is underway our QuVa operations are returning to normal.  The infrastructure across Houston is still very strained by flood waters, but the city itself is showing resilience as people are trying to get back to work.  Highways are impassable and secondary roads are jammed – some of our workers this morning had two and three hour commutes to navigate to work.  We were very pleased to see them.  The Brazos River is now anticipated to peak Saturday and this remains the lingering threat.  While flood water releases from minor levees continue to cause prolonged flooding down stream, on the whole the water situation appears to be stabilizing.

The QuVa workforce is reporting for duty in increasing numbers.  Today we are 70% capacity in Sugar Land production.  Combined with additional capacity from Temple, and working the weekend, we will be on track with production next week.  Distribution is being arranged with a combination of local couriers and FedEx express.  FedEx ground is still not operational.  You should however, expect to receive shipments in regular time.

Given we have made such good progress this will be the last of the daily updates.  We thank you for your patience and support and are so pleased we have been able to navigate this trial with minimal disruption.  We will continue to aid and support our staff and the community recover in the coming weeks and months.

Best regards

Stuart Hinchen