QuVa's ready-to-administer IV bags PLUS Nimbus® II PainPRO pain pumps are an ideal combination for post-op ambulatory pain management

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The QuVa IV bag plus
Nimbus® II PainPRO Solution:
  • Uses QuVa’s standard IV bags and eliminates labor-intensive filling of pain pumps and the extra cost of sourcing prefilled pumps

  • Is portable and compact. The pump and QuVa IV bag fit conveniently in a carrying case — allowing patients to be comfortable and mobile post-surgery

  • Delay Start extends duration of analgesia

  • Offers patients a PCA demand bolus button avoiding titration of basal rate for pain

  • Meets ISMP infusion pump safety Best Practice 8D for infusion mode hard limits

  • Auto Bolus mode: increases patient satisfaction, decreases 
    post-op opioid use, and extends duration

Product #
Product Description
Fill Volume
Beyond Use Date


Ropivacaine 0.2% in 500 ml 0.9% Sodium Chloride Solution IntraVia Bag (Preservative Free)

500 ml

90 Days

Room Temperature

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