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QuVa Pharma is a leading, national 503B outsourced compounding service provider across all 50 states, with a full portfolio of sterile, ready-to-administer injectable products. QuVa was purpose built to change the 503B industry for the better and is leading the way in making it more safe, efficient, and reliable. With unmatched expertise in cGMPs and sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing, QuVa achieves higher than required quality and safety standards, and maintains a leading FDA compliance record, so hospitals can more confidently and reliably focus on patient care.

New products

  • ASHP recommended concentration of 5 mg (20 mcg/ml) dosage
  • Ready-to-administer
  • 60-day BUD

  •  5-6 months shelf life — Increasing BUD reduces risk of wastage from expired medication
  • RT storage — Room temperature storage to facilitate direct storage in your ED Med Dispensing Cabinets
  • Lowered gelling agent by 40% of the thick gel for ease of application
  • Ready-to-administer — no weighing, mixing or stirring

  • 5 units (1 unit/ml) 5 ml fill syringes help reduce wastage and optimize dosing
  • Ready-to-administer syringes eliminate the need to manipulate vials to mix or dilute
  • 60-day BUD
  • Room temperature storage

Featured products

Kit Check portfolio

QuVa applies RFID tags to select products to better assist our customers track and manage products as they flow through their facility. Our ready-t0-administer solution with RFID technology allows QuVa products to get to the patient safely and efficiently.

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