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QuVa Partners With Hibernation Therapeutics for Cardioplegia Offering

QuVa 503B Compounding Pharmacy Adenocaine Syringe

Access to improved AdenocaineTM  solution, a ready to administer heart arrest and cardioprotection innovation, is immediately available to hospitals nationwide

SUGAR LAND, Texas – December 9, 2019 – QuVa Pharma, Inc. today announced it has signed a production and distribution agreement with Hibernation Therapeutics for its patented cardioplegia solution AdenocaineTM, the combination of Adenosine, Lidocaine and Magnesium Sulfate, that is used to intentionally stop the heart from beating during cardiac surgery, and is immediately taking orders.

“Improved access to Adenocaine has enormous potential to help health systems and their patients undergoing cardiac surgery,  and represents continued progress of QuVa’s larger commitment to improving access to specialized, ready-to-use product offerings like those for cardioplegia,” said Stuart Hinchen, QuVa Pharma’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“Expanding quality production and shelf-life of Adenocaine is a critical component of our commitment to improving heart surgery outcomes, said Todd Meyerrose, PhD, CEO of Hibernation Therapeutics.   “By exceeding regulatory standards for pharmaceutical quality with its cGMP manufacturing capabilities, demonstrating superior product development processes and offering national distribution across all 50 states, QuVa is an excellent partner to expand access to our natural, reproducible form of myocardial protection during invasive procedures.”

Peter Jenkins, QuVa’s co-founder and Chief Development Officer, added, “Adenocaine is an important addition to our comprehensive portfolio of compounded sterile products (CSPs), as now hospital pharmacies can take advantage of a sterile, ready-to-use formulation of the Adenosine, Lidocaine and Magnesium Sulfate combination with important characteristics in helping hospital pharmacy reduce waste and increase operational efficiency, like a significantly longer shelf life at room temperature storage compared to the previously available version.”

QuVa Pharma is a market leader in quality-compliant, compounded sterile products.  All of its existing facilities – in Sugar Land, Texas; Temple, Texas; and Bloomsbury, N.J. – are in excellent standing with the FDA and all state regulatory boards of pharmacy.  QuVa Pharma is licensed to supply compounded preparations into all 50 states and has a comprehensive range of ready-to-use compounded products, including products compounded from bulk drug substances to alleviate drug shortages.

For product ordering inquiries, please contact QuVa Pharma Customer Service at 888.339.0874 or via email at:


For media inquiries, please contact: Carter.Fitts@QuVaPharma.com

About QuVa Pharma, Inc.

QuVa Pharma is a nationally recognized, industry-leading state-of-the-art cGMP compliant 503B FDA registered manufacturing platform and partner of choice for compliance-oriented healthcare facilities looking to ensure a quality, safe and consistent supply of medications. The company offers a broad portfolio of ready-to-use products across pain management, anesthesia and OR syringes, anti-infectives, labor and delivery, cardiovascular therapeutic areas and others.  All products are distributed only once sterility and potency testing is successfully completed, and with validation supporting appropriate Beyond Use Dating (BUD).  The company is committed to having a patient-first orientation, as well as a robust product portfolio, leading safety standards, and collaborative and transparent partnership-oriented customer service. For more information, please visit www.quvapharma.com or follow QuVa on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/quvapharma-inc-/.

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