L.E.T. Syringes

Ready-to-Administer, Pre-Filled CADD Cassettes

Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA)

Kit Check RFID enabled portfolio

QuVa applies Kit Check® RFID tags to select products to better assist our customers track and manage products as they flow through their facility. Our ready-t0-administer solution with Kit Check RFID technology allows QuVa products to get to the patient safely and efficiently

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Quality isn’t just something we talk about

It is entrenched from the ground-up in every process, system and facility QuVa has–in what we build, to who we employ, and how we work.

QuVa places equal importance on every step performed throughout the lifecycle of our products, from design and validation, to monitoring and continuous improvement. We use end product testing to verify the performance of our preparations, not simply to justify their release. We ensure our operation is in a state of control and delivering the highest quality results at every step, because we know you are supporting a patient in the operating room, in the labor and delivery unit, or in the ICU, in need of the products we make.

Our quality is derived from rigorous cGMP processes and control systems through each step of manufacturing and testing. Product doesn't come to you until it passes all established specifications

David Short,
Vice President of Quality, QuVa Pharma