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Hospitals Suffer Pharmacy Technician Shortage

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Severe Shortage of Pharmacy Technicians Highlights Need For Hospital Workforce Solutions

Hospitals and health systems are experiencing severe shortages of pharmacy technicians, according to a recent study by the ASHP. The survey of pharmacy administrators reports a 21% turnover rate among pharmacy technicians last year; 1 in 10 administrators say they lost more than 41% of their technicians in 2021.

The Short-Term Fix

Pharmacy administrators shared several measures they have been taking to address the problem. Nine out of 10 said they have had pharmacists perform tasks usually handled by the technicians.

The Long-Term Solution

However, administrators will need to focus on underlying problems causing the turnover to address the issue long term. Three-quarters of technicians who responded to the survey said higher pay would help retention. Nearly a third said they would like to see retention bonuses—a quarter reported they would like to see a career ladder with a clear pathway to promotion. 

More than half of pharmacy technicians say their desire to help patients motivates them to stay. They also cite supervising pharmacists and flexible work scheduling as essential factors in job satisfaction. 

To read the full story about the survey, click here.

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