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Hospital and Patient need drives everything we do. QuVa uses its unmatched expertise to provide the best possible care for hospital patients through quality pharmacy solutions. It’s in our DNA and we look for those that embrace this.

I’m proud of the work we do, and grateful for the opportunity through QuVa to contribute to improving health care. The work we do in HR touches all our employees’ lives, giving us a great opportunity to positively impact, engage, and develop our people. It’s important to me that we all partner and collaborate so that QuVa is a better place for us all.

Tracey Gibbs
VP, Human Resources
Headshot of QuVa Pharma's VP of Human Resources, Tracey Gibbs
Why work at QuVa?

It has been a pleasure working at QuVa for four years. They show a commitment to employee development and career growth. QuVa has done a great job at fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration that make it a joy to be a part of the team!

Erica LaCour
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Headshot of QuVa Pharma's Quality Assurance Supervisor, Erica LaCour
what does quva do?

We prepare medicines that are essential to hospitals around the country for delivering quality and safe patient care. We are not a drug manufacturer – QuVa “compounds” FDA-approved starting material components into sterile, ready-to-administer injectable medications.

A 503B
facility is not
like a traditional

Our medicines are compounded anticipatorily and in larger quantities to meet the needs of hospital and health system pharmacies, not for a specific patient who has a specific prescription. QuVa operates under licensing which requires a strict cGMP, quality controlled environment where our quality of product and capacity to deliver are ensured.

QuVa is led by
an experienced
executive team.

With a deep background and expertise in FDA sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing, aseptic processing, and cGMPs; the team is spearheaded by Stuart Hinchen, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, and Peter Jenkins, co-founder and Chief Development Officer.

QuVa Pharma is
headquartered in
Sugar Land, TX.

QuVa Pharma is headquartered in Sugar Land, TX, and operates three sterile compounding facilities around the country, in Bloomsbury, NJ, and Sugar Land and Temple, TX. The 503B compounding industry is evolving rapidly and QuVa Pharma is leading the way.

QuVA Pharma Team Meeting & Collaborating on a Project
A team full of collaboration & accountability

QuVa is big on building partnerships, establishing trust and being accountable. We pride ourselves on completing tasks on time. We thrive on collaboration and flexible problem solving. We reward strategic decisiveness.

Most importantly, we empower our team with ownership of our company goals and success.

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Unsolicited Third-Party Submissions
When additional sourcing assistance is needed for recruitment of talent, QuVa Pharma, Inc. will engage the services of our staffing partners. QuVa Pharma works only with approved vendors (recruiters, staffing agencies, etc.) and will not accept resume submissions from unsolicited third parties. This includes submission to Human Resources or to the Management team. Candidates presented by unsolicited third parties will not be considered and no contractual relationship will be formed, and no fees will be owed by QuVa Pharma for any unilateral submissions.

Search firms interested in working with QuVa Pharma may contact us at HR@QuVaPharma.com. The subject line should be “Search Firm Engagement Request” and include the firm’s contact and company information along with any areas of specialty recruiting.
Thank you for your interest in working with QuVa Pharma.

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