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Non-Opioid, Ready-to-Administer Sterile Solution for Periarticular Injection

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(Ropivacaine, Epinephrine, Clonidine, & Ketorolac in Sodium Chloride Solution), 50 mL Fill, 50 mL Syringe

The Answer to More Easily Support Your Orthopedic Surgery Department!

  • Patented formula containing Epinephrine
  • Pre-filled syringes save your pharmacy time and reduce waste, and make it easy for your O.R. team to simply decant and draw up into their preferred syringe and needle combination
  • Supplied by an FDA registered 503B outsourcing facility
  • Shipped directly to your hospital pharmacy and available in all 50 states
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R.E.C.K. (Ropivacaine, Epinephrine, Clonidine, Ketorolac) in Sodium Chloride Solution, 50 ml fill, 50 ml Syringe

50 ml

90 Days

Room Temperature

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